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Click N Play Military Jumbo 12 Inch Long Humvee Vehicle Action Figure Play Set With Accessories.

Click N Play Military Jumbo 12 Inch Long Humvee Vehicle Action Figure Play Set With Accessories.

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Get a first-hand experience and a glimpse of the front lines of the battle with this military action-packed pretend-to-play set of figures, military vehicles, and equipment. Set out on top-secret special operations missions on enemy territory with the elite special OPS units. An action-packed military action figure pretends to play set with authentic real-life designs and highly detailed weapons, equipment, and uniforms all made from super strong, superior quality BPA-free plastic material. Combine and assemble your own army with a selection of other & Click N Play Military Action Figures Play Sets ranging from aircraft, helicopters, tank units, military jeep, army command centres, boat units, special operation units, and action figure sets which include Navy seal unit, marine unit, desert marine, ranger unit and their accessories and more! All military action figure sets include several army figures with highly detailed equipment and accessories pertaining to that set! All figures are 12 inch long and size is based on a 1:18 scale and feature 30 articulated joint points which allow them to flex into almost any position necessary for combat vehicles, Army tanks, Special force dingy boats, Swat Team patrol units, Navy Seal action figure, Marine action figure, Desert marine action figure, Ranger action figures, Army DPV Jeep Buggy, Humvee and more!. Also from Click N Play Action Figure Series; Police force, Firefighter Force, Sports, and Adventure Series, and more!

Age Range:3 Years & Up
Manufacturer:Click N Play
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