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DJI Mini 4 Pro 4K HDR Folding Drone with RC 2 Remote Kit CP.MA.00000732.01

DJI Mini 4 Pro 4K HDR Folding Drone with RC 2 Remote Kit CP.MA.00000732.01

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Fly safer and farther than ever before with theMini 4 Pro Drone with RC 2 ControllerfromDJI. Significant upgrades have been made to both vision sensing and transmission range compared to the last generation. Instead of tri-directional, the Mini 4 Pro has omnidirectional obstacle avoidance for complete protection. Using OcuSync 4, the flight range is improved to up to 12.4 miles vs. the 7.5 miles of the Mini 3 Pro. Other new features include slower motion in 4K at 100 fps and complex route planning using ActiveTrack. The Mini 4 Pro remains beginner-friendly at roughly 8.8 oz with a host of automatic flight modes, in addition to true vertical shooting for social media-ready footage without post-processing.

Complete Protection Incorporating omnidirectional obstacle avoidance for the first time in the series, the Mini 4 Pro is fully protected from accidents and crashes with six fisheye and downward binocular vision sensors, a 3D ToF depth sensor, and a downward auxiliary light. The automatic avoidance is utilized by the advanced return to home feature, complex flight modes, such as MasterShots, and APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems) for smooth video capture. Fly Farther with OcuSync 4 Range is dramatically improved with OcuSync 4, giving the Mini 4 Pro the ability to transmit from up to 12.4 miles away, a significant improvement over the 7.5 miles of the Mini 3 Pro. Even at this range, live view quality is improved to 1080p60 for smoother footage. Professional Aerial Imaging The integrated camera of the Mini 4 Pro features a 1/1.3 sensor with 4K HDR support, dual native ISO, an f/1.7 aperture, and large 2.4m pixelsjust like the Mini 3 Pro. Except with the Mini 4 Pro, you now have the benefit of slow motion at a stunning 4K resolution. The imaging systems aperture and pixel size allow a considerable amount of light to enter the sensor, helping to reduce noise for better-quality low-light footage. Images and videos can be captured from farther away with up to 4x digital zoom, and professionals will enjoy support for 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color modes.
Manufacturer Part Number:CP.MA.00000732.01
Features:Out-sized Imaging Performance, Maximum Visual Impact, HDR, Slo-Mo 4K/100fps, Dynamic on Every Platform, Large-Angle Tilt, True Vertical Shooting, One-Tap Editing, Intelligent Sound Effects, Lightweight, Remote Control
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):11.70 x 14.70 x 4.00 Inches
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