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Nanlux SBDN1200COEC Octagonal Softbox F/DYNO1200C

Nanlux SBDN1200COEC Octagonal Softbox F/DYNO1200C

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Nanlux SBDN1200COEC Octagonal Softbox F/DYNO1200C, Studio

Key Features
  • Includes Eggcrate Grid
  • Silver Interior to Maximize Output
  • Removable Front and Interior Diffusers
  • Sturdy Construction, Easy Setup

Designed specifically for the Dyno fixture, the 5Octa Softbox for Dyno 1200CfromNanluxsoftens the output and lowers the contrast of the lights bright LEDs. The modifiers large size imparts a wraparound quality of light (especially when used close up) that is flattering to your subject. A bonus is the natural-looking catchlights in your subjects eyes. The Octa Softbox has removable front and interior diffusers and a silver interior to maximize output.An eggcrate grid is included to eliminate spill light and allow directional control to enable selective lighting.

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