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Wireless Sports Headphones Bone Conduction Open Ear Headphones for Sports (Black)

Wireless Sports Headphones Bone Conduction Open Ear Headphones for Sports (Black)

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In the world of music, we crave more authentic and pure experiences. These bone conduction headphones are the perfect choice for your perfect hearing.

Imagine youre running in the mountains, light footsteps intertwined with the sounds of nature. At this point, the bone conduction headphones you wear bring you clear, pure music, as if the harmonious sound of nature is talking to your heart. This is not only a feast for the ears, but also a baptism of body and mind.

These headphones use advanced bone conduction technology to transmit sound through the bones, ensuring that music reaches your cochlea. This means that you can enjoy your music while staying alert to your surroundings, safe and enjoyable.

Not only that, but bone conduction headphones also have excellent stability and adaptability. No matter what environment youre in, whether its on the streets of the city or on an outdoor adventure, it ensures a stable sound delivery that keeps you immersed in the world of music.

In addition, it has been designed with comfort and individuality in mind. Lightweight materials and ergonomic design ensure that the ears are less susceptible to fatigue when worn for long periods of time. The adjustable body design allows you to personalize it to your preferences and needs to find the most suitable way to wear it.

These bone conduction headphones also have an intelligent noise cancellation function, which effectively suppresses the interference of external noise, so that you can focus more on the music itself. Whether youre in a bustling market or a quiet library, youll enjoy a pure music experience.

In order to meet the needs of different users, we also provide a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from. You can choose the best headset for you according to your preferences and style, and show your unique personality.

In conclusion, this bone conduction headphones bring you an unprecedented listening experience with its superior sound quality, comfortable fit, and smart features. It is not only a pair of headphones, but also a symbol of life attitude. Now, lets step into a new era of music and feel the infinite possibilities brought by sound

Recommended Use:Sports,Running,Adventure,Climbing,Mountaineering,Cycling,Walking,Surfing,Adventure,Fitness,Aerobics,Golf and other sports
Features:29g, HIFI, 10H long battery life, IPX7
Headphone Feature:HIFI stereo effect, 29g light and comfortable, Bone conduction technology, 10h long-lasting battery life
Accessories Included:Bone conduction earphone*1,Charging cable*1,Instruction manual*1
Wireless Technology:Bluetooth
Headphone Style:On-Ear
Headphone Type:Bone conduction headphones
Manufacturer Part Number:5062037
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